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There are changes in the air for the Software Industry
Cloud Computing for software developers is one of the greatest technology changes since Microsoft Windows, providing you with a new way to deliver and execute your applications!



Imagine if...

  • could take your application, and make it run over the Internet without changing a single line of code. Use the same version that runs on any desktop PC! No .NET recoding!

  • could have an affordable solution for your clients that need to run your application in multiple locations, all accessing centralized data in real time.

Well, Now You Can!!!


"One of our clients has users in locations all over North America, and they need to access our application in real-time. DNS’ system provided us the ability to economically fulfill our clients needs, and make the sale."
Patrick Salsich, Blue Heron Software



Benefits of putting your application in the Cloud:

  • Provide your clients with affordable centralization. Without the expense of dedicated data lines or Satellite networking. A perfect solution for Retail and Database clients.

  • Prospects and existing clients alike, will find it less expensive to  implement your application by hosting it in the Cloud. There is no backend infrastructure (servers etc.) to install, maintain, or outgrow  -EVER!

  • Using the vast reach of the Internet, users can be located virtually anywhere. Even while they're moving!

  • Don't waste your resources recoding or developing an additional web based version of your desktop application.

  • We use your existing  product right out-of-the-box. It looks, executes, and performs just like it was loaded on the clients’ desktop computer.

  • You define the operating environment, insuring consistently stable program execution.


Using our system can even make your operation more efficient.
The industry is rapidly adopting the software-as-a-service, and pay-as-you-go computing / business models. All based on Cloud Computing.

  • Reach MORE clients.

  • Enhance your customer support.

  • Better control over user licenses and upgrades.

  • Create new revenue streams for your company.

Your client doesn’t even have to know we exist. They can think it's all being done in YOUR Data Center!


"Our customer support for clients on DNS’ system is 100% more effective since we can actually see what the client sees and watch what they are doing. Application Hosting is Awesome".
 - Tom Rivers, Rivers Computer Support, Inc.



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Digital Networking Systems - Application Hosting for Software Developers

My application starts at $4,500.00 plus server. A small office with only a few users could not justify the expense. By working with DNS and hosting our application to them for a monthly fee, it becomes affordable to them and they save the capital to buy or maintain a server. We get a steady monthly revenue stream and can tap a market previously unattainable by our price point.


Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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