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Digital Networking Systems is an Application Service Provider / ASP / Cloud Computing Platform delivering cutting edge computing services. Including Citrix Application Hosting, Dedicated Servers, and Server Based Computing solutions.

At DNS we make world class technology, previously only available to the wealthiest companies, available to businesses of all sizes for only a small monthly fee.

Prices start at less than $40.00 a month!

Our innovative solutions allow our clients to service and support their customers, and communicate with their co-workers more efficiently. Using our Cloud Computing service and Citrix Application Hosting service our clients conduct business in places and ways they never before imagined possible! Learn more about our solutions:

Cloud Computing via Citrix Application Hosting

The perfect solution for:

  • Mobile workers
    - Outbound sales forces and field service staff

  • Multiple location businesses
    - Branch offices, remote sites

  • Retailers
    - Centralized accounting and inventory for all your stores in real-time.

  • Remote workers / Telecommuters
    - Global access connecting all members of the workforce.

  • Software Developers
    - Web enable your desktop applications with no modifications!
    - Discover a whole new revenue source with "Software as a Service".

On-Line Data Storage

  • Store your business documents with global access.

  • Secure, remote storage.

  • On-line Archives.

  • Protect against disaster.

Today, our clients are capitalizing on these technology developments by extending access to their applications from any device over any network connection - including wireless - with greater performance and reliability.

With our expedited setup, DNS can be your Cloud Computing platform / Application Service Provider today!

For more information, call us at: 585-274-7080



With multiple platform support, Macintosh users no longer have to worry if they have a specific version of Window-based applications they may use infrequently.


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Affordable Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Global Data Communications

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