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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are great! They save money by eliminating long distance and leased line charges, increase employee productivity with telecommuter and road warrior applications, and build closer ties to customers and business partners.

VPN Benefits:
Improve Employee Productivity 

Employees have secure access to business critical information any time and anywhere through any Internet connection. Create a more flexible work environment with telecommuter applications. Provide road warriors up-to-the-minute access to pricing and inventory information. Extend the workday for busy executives by providing high-speed corporate servers and PCs through their residential Internet access.

We can customize your VPN to take advantage of the reach of  internet, while keeping your users off the internet, and internet threats out of your office.

Reduce Costs
Replace expensive leased line and private network connections with inexpensive, high-speed Internet connections. A company spending thousands of dollars per month on long distance charges for dial-up access can eliminate these charges by using local Internet dial-up services.

Build Closer Relationships with Business Partners 
Securely connect business partners, suppliers and customers using their existing network equipment and Internet service. There’s no need to get all your partners on the same network service or to try to make various routers and firewalls interoperate. 

Increase Performance 
Transform any broadband Internet connection into a secure and high-performance medium for business. Telecommuters can use DSL and Cable modem connections to the Internet to connect back to the office. Replace expensive and low-speed frame relay links to branch offices with inexpensive, high-speed broadband connections via the Internet.

We can bring up new locations in minutes rather than weeks or months. Connect London, New York and Boston in minutes. Unlike traditional VPN services requiring 60 to 90 days for installation of new network connections, we work with your existing Internet connections. You can even start with a dial-up or ISDN connection and later upgrade it with a faster DSL, Cable or T1 connection if necessary. 

Less Expensive
There is only a minimal upfront investment in network equipment. No need to hire additional IT staff to install, manage and monitor your network. One low monthly fee covers everything you need to set-up and operate your network.



In essence, the service provider serves as the instant IT department, responsible for installing and upgrading software, maintaining systems, reporting usage, and backing up files on a daily basis. Eliminating  the costs of upfront software investment, hardware upgrades, and ongoing systems maintenance by using and Application Service Provider (ASP) means more budget will be available.

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